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Website Audit

Here Is Where We Find Out Why Your Website Isn't Performing!

The audit is designed to analyse your website in a number of critical areas that significantly affect its overall performance.

There are two key factors that determine the sales and marketing success of all websites:

1. Unique Visitor Numbers (The number of visitors to the website)

2. Conversion Rate (The rate at which the unique visitors take the desired sales or marketing action)

The easiest way to generate visitors online is through search engines. 98% of all new visitors find a website by using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.
It is vital that your website is ranked highly when a search is made by a prospective customer using words relating to your business' products or services.
Some examples of areas that affect your website search engine ranking are:

  • Keywords - the use of words relevant to your products or services
  • Your website's home page Title
  • Your website's home page Description
  • The use of headings in your text
  • Word count
  • The use of frames

Some examples of areas that affect your website conversion rate are:

  • Website loading time
  • Website layout - does it conform to a recognized standard layout
  • Trust and credibility, does your website look professional
  • Persuasive sales copy and clear sales conversion pathways

The website audit will highlight areas of your website that can be improved. We produce a table of recommendations in order of urgency as you see in the example below.

UrgencyAction required
Immediate attentionChange index page title meta tag - present title not relevant for Search Engines.
Change the index page description meta tag - present description keywords not prominent enough.
Convert website from frames - Search engines have difficulty indexing frames.
High priorityReduce loading time - present time 40 seconds on dial up.
Revamp sales copy - present content not sales copy.
Implement traffic analysis measurement system
Medium priorityIncrease word count
Add alt text to images - helps ranking
Low priorityCreate contact us page - opportunity to create e-mail list.
Create about us page - opportunity to create trust and credibility.

If you are handy with HTML or website creation software, we can also supply the technical details that can be undertaken by the website owner, as can be seen in the example below.

Website Audit - Technical Data

URL: www.bluewidgets.co.nz

Latest Google retrieval: 20 July 2012

Keyword/phrase: blue widgets

Ranking: Unable to be found (>150)

Site Areapresent SituationAction required
titleWord count is 13, suggested number is 6-10. Keyword prominence poor.Consider reducing number of words in title, with keywords at the start.
meta name="keywords"None present.Add although Google ignores them.
Link textA keyword frequency from 1-6 is suggested. Current frequency 0Add a keyword to one link text
Alt text (alternate text)No keyword in alternate text. Add Alt text to XHTML code on images.From: img border="0" src="images/widget.jpg" width="248" height="242"
To: img border="0" src="images/widget.jpg" width="248" height="242" alt="keyword"
keyword frequencyA keyword frequency from 1-9 is suggested in the body text area. Current frequency 0Increase keyword count in body text area to >0
Word countA word count from 378 to 501 is suggested for the Body text area. Current count 25Increase word count.
Total word countA total word count from 591 to 625 is suggested for the page as a whole. Current count is 55Increase word count.
meta name = "description"Description has no keywordsAdd : meta name="description" content="keyword with several words, then another keyword etc"
FramesFrames have been usedConvert website to standard format.
Upload speed 56k Dialup (12 seconds max)42 secondsReview image sizes (optimise)

Armed with this information, a website owner can now alter their site and know that at least the basic requirements of getting a reasonable ranking have been met.

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