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SEO (search engine optimisation), the difference between high performing websites, and the rest

Is Your Website Under Performing Through Simple SEO Mistakes?

Most websites don't do the job they were created for because of simple SEO errors when they were constructed.

These omissions or errors are penalised by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your website doesn't appear high in Google's search results, your website is not "optimised" for Google. Unfortunately 76% of computer users in New Zealand use as their preferred search engine.

Hi, welcome to the SEO4U website, where we provide free information for webmasters and website owners so they can address these issues.

On this web page we give a brief overview of what is required for a successful website. From here you can click links that take you to pages with much more detail on each website element and instructions on what you need to do. Use this information to make changes to your website that will dramatically improve your search engine rankings and customer response rate.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation ensures your website is near the top of a search engine's ranking or listings when a search for information is made for your product or service.

91% of Internet users seek information using search engines. Most Internet users don't look past the first 20 or 30 listed websites so a high search engine ranking is vital if you are expecting sales or enquiries from your website.

You really need to be on the first page of a search engine's search results because 87% of website visitors come from there.

What Affects A Website's Search Engine Ranking?

Website SEO has two parts as far as search engines are concerned:

  • On page SEO and
  • Off page SEO

The first major element that affects on page ranking is Keywords.

Page content containing keywords that you believe Internet users will use to search for information about your product or services is one of the keys to a high ranking.

After determining what your site is about from the keywords on the page, the search engines then examine:

  • Your website's page Title that appears as the blue link text in the search engine's search results

  • Your website's Description text that appears below the blue link text

  • The use of headings in your text. Google puts emphasis on words in headings.

  • Hyperlinks within your website which should contain keywords.

  • Word count within the body of your web page and the number of keywords present

  • Alternate text for images

The main entry page to your website shouldn't be too complex because:

  • Slow download times annoy Internet users (see also what affects a website's marketing effectiveness).

  • Search engines have difficulty navigating through a web page with lots of bells and whistles in it.

  • The use of frames; search engines don't like web pages that contain frames.

Some Final Thoughts on SEO

Google strives to enhance the user experience by ranking sites with the greatest relevancy to the keyword or words typed into their search query box. Your job is to make your site fit their exacting criteria.

With recent changes to Google's search algorithm, many sites have been severely penalised, going from front page to oblivion. It is imperative that you don't fall foul of the so called Panda and Penguin updates because it could take months for your site to regain any sort of ranking.

Click on the link below that takes you to our SEO web page where we go into much more technical detail on each SEO element for web masters or website owners with HTML skills. Otherwise go to our website fundamentals page that gives a more detailed overview of what is required at the planning stage to create a successful website.

Click here for more details on SEO

The Major Objective of Most Commercial Websites

Most commercial websites are created to generate new business. If your website doesn't do this, you are wasting your money paying your monthly ISP hosting fee.
There are many things that make a website successful or not, but it can be condensed down to two main factors;

Unique visitor numbers


Marketing effectiveness.

Apart from other external promotional activities such as having the website URL on business cards, stationery etc, unique visitor numbers generated by search engine results is the first factor that determines a website's success in generating new business.

To get the Unique Visitor Numbers to a level that makes the site viable, your site needs to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

The second most important factor, marketing effectiveness, is how good your website is in persuading your visitors to take the action that you desire, whether that is to buy something or make an enquiry for a service you provide.

What Affects a Website's Marketing Effectiveness?

There are six questions your visitors will ask in their minds, and the answers they form are the key to persuading them to take the actions that you desire. These questions are the same for any business, but there are a few differences when business is conducted on the web.

The six questions are:

  1. Are you trustworthy?

  2. Are you believable?

  3. Do you understand what I want?

  4. What's in it for me?

  5. What do you require from me?

  6. Is what you are offering worth it?

These questions are answered by such things as:

  • A professional looking site

  • Easy site navigation

  • The guarantees being offered

  • References

and many other basic requirements.

As your website may be the first contact a potential new customer has with your company, what they see on their screens immediately forms an impression of how much trust and credibility your company has.

For all the answers to these questions click on the link below that goes into more detail of each element that makes up a website's marketing effectiveness. Or, go to our website fundamentals page that gives a more detailed overview of what is required at the planning stage to create a successful website.

Click here for more details on Marketing Effectiveness

Thinking About an Online Business?

If you are thinking about going online with a new Internet based business, it will pay to read our website fundamentals page and then our e-Business fundamentals page about how online businesses differ from a bricks and mortar business. It's not all about low overheads and huge profits.

What To Do Next

If you are unhappy with the sales or enquiries your website is generating, we can evaluate your site for you for free. We will provide a comprehensive report on where your site is placed in Google search engine rankings now, and what alterations need to be made to your site to improve your ranking when compared to the top 10 ranking sites for your keyword.
If you want to make changes to your website before getting an audit, go to our website fundamentals page for a more detailed overview of a website's workings before proceeding to the technical SEO and Marketing Effectiveness pages to learn how to make the required changes.

Click here now for a free SEO audit of your website


Click here for an overview of how we audit your website

We hope the information we have provided here will be of assistance to you. If we can assist you in developing your website so that it actually generates the results you envisaged when you first launched it onto the World Wide Web, or help you avoid some of the mistakes we have made before you start spending serious money, then please feel free to contact us.

Can we guarantee you success in your business? No, because only you know your business in the detail that is required to make it a success. What we can guarantee is that we can identify the elements that will put your website ahead of 99% of all other websites on the Internet.

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Yours sincerely

The SEO Team


With the economic crunch upon us, we all need to be more creative and effective in all our marketing efforts.
A website can be one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools you have in your arsenal. It can be your best salesman operating 24/7, who has no need for holidays.
Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it), 99% of websites don't follow the most basic rules. If they do rank well, their persuasiveness is non existent, or, if they are very persuasive, they rank at the bottom of the heap and have few visitors.
We believe a website must have both elements in abundance if it is to succeed.

Click here to take the first step in creating a website that actually achieves your goals by booking a free website audit.

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