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    • Free website audit - Learn about what parts of a website are audited, and what you can expect in an audit report.

    • e-Business fundamentals - If you are contemplating setting up an Internet based business, find out the fundamental differences between trading online and a bricks and mortar retail store.

    • Website fundamentals - There are fundamental elements every website must have whether it is the main selling vehicle of an Internet based business, or forms part of a business marketing plan.

    • Enquiry form - Contact us here if we can assist you with any website SEO development.

    • Resources
      • Useful tools - This page contains tools that speed up the website development process, tools that check your site for errors, and show you where you can improve your site to beat your competition.

      • SEO - You can't make sales unless you can get traffic to your website. The trick is SEO or search engine optimisation. Learn the areas on your website you need to concentrate on.

      • Marketing effectiveness - All the traffic in the World is no good to you unless your website instantly impresses your visitor and leads to a sale or hot prospect. Learn about the importance of good website design and compelling sales copy.

      • Internet Definitions - There is lots of jargon associated with the Internet. The definitions page lists the most common with an explanation of what they mean.

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      • Privacy Notice - Confirmation that we don't sell customer details to anyone...ever!

      • Trade terms - The house rules for using this website.

      • Copyright - We don't plagiarise information, and because the information contained in these pages is offered free of charge, we don't expect anyone to plagiarise any of this website's content.

    • Contact us - Contact us here if we can assist you with any website SEO development.

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